In this post, you will learn how to download TikTok songs and playlists from YouTube into MP3 format with 4kFinder YouTube Downloader, so that you can enjoy your favorite TikTok songs on any device without an internet connection.

“Can I download any TikTok hit songs on YouTube? I want to enjoy them on my car. I have collected some TikTok playlists on my YouTube account, how do I download TikTok songs or playlists from YouTube?”

YouTube is a great place where you can stream various videos, movies, songs, playlists, etc. If you want to view popular TikTok songs and playlists, you can directly visit YouTube or TikTok’s website. However, you must watch the injected ads before you can enjoy TikTok playlists on YouTube. In such case, you might consider downloading TikTok songs and playlists from YouTube for offline listening on your own device. But do you know how to download TikTok songs from YouTube?

There are multiple YouTube downloaders that can help you download TikTok songs and playlists on YouTube. In this post, we will we present to you the best way to download TikTok songs and playlist from YouTube to MP3 with high audio quality, so that they can get stored in your laptop, mobile, and computer, or even USB drive, MP3 player, iPod nano, etc.

Powerful Tool to Download TikTok Songs and Playlist from YouTube

One of the most effective YouTube video downloaders you can use to download TikTok from YouTube is 4kFinder YouTube Downloader. This excellent tool allows you to download YouTube videos with one click without affecting their original quality. In addition, it can even download the entire TikTok playlist from YouTube with just a few clicks. It offers great output format and output quality. With it, you can download TikTok songs and playlists from YouTube to MP3 320kbps at a speed up to 6 times. In addition, it also allows you to download YouTube videos in MP4 format up to 8K quality.

What can 4kFinder YouTube Downloader do:

  • Download videos and songs from YouTube and 1000+ websites like Facebook, Vevo, etc.
  • Download TikTok playlist from YouTube with just one click.
  • Save YouTube videos, podcast, channels, or playlists in MP3, MP4.
  • Download YouTube TikTok songs to MP3 for any Apple device or iPhone.
  • Download YouTube videos up to 8K resolution without quality loss.
  • Enjoy TikTok songs on MP3 player, iPod nano without internet connection.

For you to learn how to properly use this 4kFinder YouTube Downloader to download any TikTok songs or playlist from YouTube, next, the article will provide 2 detailed tutorials, follow the simple steps written below.

Part 1. How to Download TikTok Songs from YouTube

Step 1. Launch 4kFinder YouTube Downloader on PC
Free download and install 4kFinder YouTube Downloader on your PC or Mac. When you launch the program, you will see its user-friendly interface. Go to YouTube, you can tap TikTok songs 2020 in the search bar, then open the TikTok music you want to save.

Step 2. Copy & Paste TikTok Songs Link
Right-click the TikTok music video to copy the link, or copy the link in the address bar.

copy tiktok song link on youtube

Then turn back to 4kFinder, paste the TikTok music URL into the blank field, and click “Analyze” to get the music source.

paste tiktok song link

Step 3. Choose MP3 Format for TikTok Songs
Then you will see a new page with different video formats for the video, choose MP3 as the output format to compatible with your players and portable devices.

select mp3 format for tiktok songs

Step 4. Download TikTok Songs to MP3
Now it’s time to get MP3 TikTok songs from YouTube, just hit on “Download” button to save YouTube TikTok songs as MP3 files. This wonderful tool supports batch download online videos, during the process, you can add more TikTok link to the program.

download tiktok songs to mp3

After that, go to the “Finished” section to view the downloaded TikTok songs.

view downloaded tiktok mp3 songs

Part 2. How to Download TikTok Playlist from YouTube

Well, 4kFinder YouTube Downloader is also a perfect YouTube Playlist Downloader. It’s quite easy to download entire TikTok playlist from YouTube. You can refer to the simple steps below.

Step 1. After installation, run the 4kFinder YouTube Downloader on desktop. Navigate to YouTube to find the TikTok playlist you want to download. Here, download TikTok playlist(TikTok Hits 2020) as example, copy the playlist link in the address bar.

copy tiktok playlist link

Step 2. Go back to 4kFinder, paste the TikTok playlist URL to the interface of 4kFinder and tab “Analyze” button to let it get the videos of the playlist.

select download the entire playlist

Step 3. It will take you to another new window, here you can download a single video or the entire playlist from the TikTok playlist. Simply tab “Playlist”.

Then select MP3 format and 320kbps for the TikTok playlist.

select mp3 format for tiktok playlist

Step 4. Finally, press on “Download” button to get MP3 songs from TikTok playlist. Wait a few seconds until the download process is complete. Once done, you can view the downloaded TikTok music files in “Finished” section.

download youtube tiktok playlist to mp3

Great! You can transfer the TikTok songs to your USB drive, then plug it in your car for offline listening, or move them to your iPhone, MP3 player, iPod nano, Android, PSP and more devices for offline playback!

Download TikTok Songs and Playlist