If you’re using the free version of YouTube Music, you have to hear adverts between music tracks. Are you annoyed by all the ads on YouTube Music interrupting your music stream? Want to skip ads on YouTube Music? Check out this guide, here you will get 4 easy ways to block ads on YouTube Music with or without Premium.

“How can I listen to YouTube Music without ads?”

In the end of 2020, YouTube Music replaced Google Play Music as a most popular streaming music service. It offers two major types of subscription plans: YouTube Music Free, and YouTube Music Premium ($9.99 per month). YouTube Music Free users can only enjoy ad-supported access, lower-quality streaming. And Premium subscribers are able to skips ads, adjust to 256kbps high quality, download songs, play in the background, etc.

block ads on YouTube Music without Premium

Everyone loves to listen to YouTube Music tracks – we even create playlists of music videos of our own – but no one likes streaming ads. Therefore, many YouTube Music Free users are seeking for a way to remove ads from YouTube Music Free. In this article, we will share four ways on how to block ads on YouTube Music without Premium, or with Premium. Let’s explore!

Way 1. Upgrade to Premium Plan to Skips YouTube Music Ads

The easiest to block YouTube Music ads is to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Music Premium allows you to access to ad-free music, even download them for offline listening to on your phone. You can select the subscription type according to your needs.

● YouTube Music Premium for Individual – $9.99 per month, and annual fee is $99.99
● YouTube Music Premium for Student – $6.99 per month
● YouTube Music Premium for Family – $14.99 per month (up to 5 family members)

Tips: 1. For new users, you can get a 30-day free trial of YouTube Music Premium.
2. By the way, a $11.99/mo YouTube Premium also enjoys all Premium features of YouTube Music, including removes advertisements and downloading songs.


  • 100% work.
  • Enjoy all Premium features.


  • You need to pay subscription fee to keep your Premium account active.

Way 2. Remove Ads from YouTube Music Free via YouTube Music Converter

When your Premium subscription expires, you will drop back to Free tier. In other words, you can only stream ad-supported content on YouTube Music. In this part, we will share you the safest and most effective way to remove ads from YouTube Music Free.

It is generally known that YouTube Music is protected by its encoded technology. We are bound by restrictions ranging from annoying ads, incompatible devices, music quality, and more. To break down these barriers (including removing ads), you can use a tool to download YouTube Music to your computer for ad-free listening. Here we highly recommend the powerful 4kFinder YouTube Music Converter.

4kFinder YouTube Music Converter is developed to help you bypass YouTube Music ads and DRM restriction. It is a smart and feature-packed YouTube Music downloader and converter for all Free and Premium users. With it, users can easily and quickly download YouTube Music tracks to computer while removing ads. Besides that, it is capable of converted YouTube Music songs to popular audio formats, like MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, WAV or AIFF. Thanks to the built-in web player, users can directly search, add and download any song without using the YouTube Music app. Thus, users could save YouTube Music songs on local computer and listen to them offline anytime without the distractions of ads.

Features of 4kFinder YouTube Music Converter:
– Remove ads from YouTube Music without Premium.
– Download YouTube Music songs with Free account.
– Save YouTube Music tracks to Mac or PC.
– Convert YouTube Music to MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC.
– Convert songs at 10X faster speed with 100% lossless quality.
– Built-in music manager and keep ID3 tags metadata.
– No YouTube Music app needed, built-in web player.
– Offline listen to ad-free YouTube Music on any device, player.
– Upload songs to OneDrive, Google Drive, or burn them to CD.

How to Remove Ads and Convert YouTube Music MP3?

Step 1. Install and Launch 4kFinder YouTube Music Converter
After installtion, launch the 4kFinder YouTube Music Converter on your computer (Windows or Mac). Click “Sign In” to login to your YouTube Music Free account.

open youtube music to mp3 converter

Step 2. Set the Audio Parameters for YouTube Music
Click on the “Gear” icon at the upper right corner. In the settings window, you can customize the output format, output quality, volume, output folder, output file name, as well as output organized. Here we pick MP3 format and 320kbps for YouTube Music download.

select mp3 for youtube music

Step 3. Import YouTube Music Songs to 4kFinder
On the main page, open any song, playlist or album, then click the red “+” button to load the track.

add youtube music playlist

In the converting list, you can double confirm the songs you want to save.

select youtube music songs

Step 4. Start Conversion and Removing Ads from YouTube Music
If everything is ready, simply press on the “Convert” button to start removing ads from YouTube music and export them as local MP3 files.

convert YouTube Music to MP3

Step 5. Get Non-ads YouTube Music Songs
When the conversion is done, click the “History” icon at the upper right corner to find the well converted YouTube Music songs. Now you can play YouTube music on the converter without ads.

output youtube music mp3 files

Also, you can tap the “blue folder” next to the song to locate the output folder, and listen to them through other music player!

output youtube music mp3 files


  • Easy to use, with a user-friendly interface.
  • Completely remove ads from YouTube Music Free.
  • Enhance your listening experience on your devices.
  • Help you manage your music library.
  • Enjoy ad-free YouTube Music everywhere.


  • A paid program, but offers free trial.

Way 3. Use an Ad-blocking Web Browser Extension to Block YouTube Music Ads

If you prefer to streaming music on YouTube Music web player, and don’t want to spend a Premium subscription fee. You can listen to YouTube Music without ads using an ad-blocking web browser extension.

Here are some popular web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, including: uBlock Origin, Adblock for YouTube, AdBlock Plus, AdBlock, Ghostery, AdGuard, etc.

block ads on youtube music

How to Remove Ads from YouTube Music Free with Chrome Extensions

Step 1. On your computer, go to Chrome Web Store and find an extension for removing ads.

Step 2. Hit on “Add to Chrome” to install this extension on your web browser.

Step 3. Open the YouTube Music web player, sign with your Free account.

Step 4. Start playing any track and the ads will be removed by the extension at the same time.


  • Free.


  • Not work well sometimes.
  • Only available on desktop web player.

Way 4. Block YouTube Music Ads with a Premium VPN Service

There are some famous premium VPN service, including ExpressVPN, Clario, NordVPN, Surfshark, etc. You may also use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to listen to YouTube Music from other counties with less ads, such as Switzerland or Singapore. But this is not a wise financial decision to block ads on YouTube Music by paying for a premium VPN service.

Here’s how to block ads on YouTube Music ads with a VPN:

Step 1. Download a VPN service on your computer.

Step 2. Open the VPN service, and select a different VPN location.

Step 3. Open the YouTube Music web browser, login to your account and enjoy your music collection.


  • Block ads on streaming services.


  • A little expensive.
  • Higher data usage.
  • Slow down your internet connection.
  • Doesn’t get rid of ads completely.

Final Words

YouTube Music and YouTube mainly make profits from its ads revenue. It is hard to fault YouTube Music for its ads. After all, you can access over 80m songs for free. Don’t panic, you can listen to YouTube Music without ads with the above four methods. Among them, the 4kFinder YouTube Music Converter assists you remove ads completely and improve your listening experience. For example, you can play YouTube Music offline on computer, enjoy ad-free songs on your MP3 player, USB drive, etc. Download it and have a try!

Block Ads on YouTube Music