This tutorial will teach you how to change YouTube Channel category, and download YouTube Channels for free with using 4kFinder YouTube Downloader.

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Q4: “How do I download an entire YouTube channel?”

You can find the answers to the above questions through the content of this article!

Change YouTube Channel Category

YouTube is not only a daily driver for video lovers to view quality content, but also a money-generating platform for content creators. There is a lot of high-quality content on YouTube. Apart from this, YouTube is also a great platform for content creators to make money. Hence, a correct choice of a category is extremely important because it involves the profitability of the work. Sadly, there are still many content creators who don’t know how to change the YouTube channel category. In this tutorial, we will share the detailed steps to change YouTube channel category. In addition, you can download the entire YouTube channel for free!

Part 1. Detailed Steps to Change YouTube Channel Category

Due to the YouTube SEO service, it’s quite important for YouTubers and content creators to choose the right category for creative content on YouTube. If you choose the right category for the video you create, it will better let advertisers find you! Follow the detailed guide below on how to change the YouTube channel category.

Step-by-step: Change YouTube Channel Category
Step 1. Go to YouTube official website on the web browser. Or open the YouTube app on your mobile device. Then log in to your YouTube account.

Step 2.Click on the “Settings” icon (like a gear) at the top-right corner. Then select “Video Manager” option.

change the YouTube Channel Category

Step 3. As you can see, it shows a list of all the videos you uploaded from the channel. Move the mouse to the desired video you want to change the category. Click the small arrow button next to the “Edit” option.

Step 4. Next select “Info and Settings”, then you will enter the “Advanced Setting”.

Step 5. Then you will find the category menu. Now you can change the category for your video. By the ways, you could choose multiple categories for your channel at once.

Step 6. Finally, press on “Save Changes” to save all settings.

Great! You have changed the YouTube Channel category successfully!

Part 2. Download YouTube Channel for Free

In part, we show you the detailed steps to change YouTube Channel category of your videos. Do you want to back up your YouTube Channel or download content from other Channels for offline viewing, keep reading! In the following part, we will show you how to download entire YouTube channel with using a powerful YouTube Channel Downloader – 4kFinder YouTube Downloader.

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Easy Steps to Download YouTube Channel with 4kFinder

Step 1. Launch 4kFinder YouTube Downloader
Click on the “Download” button above, download and install 4kFinder YouTube Downloader on the Mac or PC. Then launch the 4kFinder program.

launch 4kfinder program

Step 2. Copy & Paste YouTube Channel URL
Now go to YouTube website, copy the URL of the YouTube channel you wish to download.

Copy YouTube Video Link

Turn back to 4kFinder interface, paste the URL to the search bar and click “Analyze” button.

paste youtube video link to the program

Step 3. Select Output Settings for YouTube Channel
A small window will pop up. Select the target format, bitrate or resolution for the video. 4kFinder offers MP4, MP3, WEBM, MOV, etc. format. You can select multiple formats at the same time.

choose output format

Step 4. Start to Download YouTube Channel
Now hit on “Download” button to download and save all the videos from the YouTube Channel on the local drive.

download YouTube channel

When finished, you can view the downloaded YouTube videos under the “Finished” section. Click “Open Folder” to watch through Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, or other media players on your computer.

download YouTube channels completed

Extra Tips: Popular YouTube categories
Here are the 20 most popular YouTube categories contents provided by YouTubers.

Daily Vloggers
Health & Fitness
Music & Dance
In the end, you have got the detailed steps to change the YouTube channel category. To download the YouTube channel, you can try the 4kFinder YouTube Downloader.

Download YouTube Channel