Here, we have collected the problems you might encounter the issue that not working and give you some effective solutions to fix not working problem. In addition, we will introduce you to the best alternative to help you easily download any video from any site! is a popular online service, which can help users download videos from YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, Facebook and other video sharing websites. Many people love this helpful website, but sometimes they felt annoyed that not working. There are many known and unknown issues that prevent from working properly. In this article, we have collected some common problems you may encounter, and share with you some effective methods to solve the problem of not working. Check it out!

Part 1. Why Does Not Work Any More? [Solution Include]

When opening the official website of, you can see the announcement about discontinuation of service in the United States. Due to the fierce attacks by certain US copyright holders, they encountered many obstacles and financial challenges. So their team had to terminate their services in the United States from April 28, 2020. not working

That’s why does not work any more in USA. It’s a pity that we can no longer use services in the United States. In addition, these are some common problems you might encounter when using to download online videos.

Common Problems and Solutions:

# 1. Can’t download YouTube video in Safari browser.
Solution: Before downloading a YouTube video, you need to hold down the button and then the download button.

# 2. No green arrow button for downloading Facebook video.
Solution: Firstly, uninstall the Facebook app. Then update your website and to the latest version. Finally, re-install the Facebook.

# 3. The download process accidentally stopped.
Solution: You can try the “Internet Download Manager” to solve problems with downloading.

# 4. “I used to be able to download online videos by clicking the green button, but now it only pops up a playback window instead of a downloading screen.”
Solution: You can click on the video with the right button and select “save as”.

# 5. If it appears an message saying “suspicious extensions are blocked” in Google Chrome.
Solution: Google Chrome will block the installation of any extensions that are not registered in the Chrome online store. You can try to install other browsers that support the extension, such as Comodo Dragon, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or others.

savefrom blocked extension

# 6. After updating your Tampermonkey user script, the Downloader stopped working.
Solution: You can remove the extension from Tampermonkey, and re-install the

# 7. When searching for a specific video, an error message appears, saying “the download link not found”.
Solution: This may be due to loading errors, link errors (typos) or the video may have been deleted. You only need to search for the video again; check the spelling of the link; or search for other similar videos.

Unfortunately, there are still some problems that cannot be solved. For example, when you click the download button, it will pop up an advertisement but there is no new download. This tool does not support downloading 1080p videos, only audio tracks, etc. Rather than struggle to find corresponding solutions to these problems, why not find a alternative to download online videos from any sites? Here you meet 4kFinder.

Part 2. Best SaveFrom Net Alternative: Download Any Online Videos

4kFinder Video Downloader is a popular and one-stop online video downloader for Mac and Windows PC. Compared with and other online services, 4kFinder Video Downloader is safer, faster and more stable, any ads and plug-ins. With this powerful tool, you can easily download videos from YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, Netflix, Dailymotion, Niconico, Bilibili, SoundCloud Music and more than 1000 popular websites. Without a YouTube Premium account, it can help you download entire playlist, channel from YouTube with just a few simple steps!

What’s more, it supports to download HD 1080p, 4K, 8K, 3D, 360VR videos from YouTube in MP4, WEBM, MOV formats with high quality. Even better, you can also use it to download YouTube music videos to MP3 320kbps for your music player and device! With it, you will be able to watch online videos offline on your computer, smartphone, PSP, HD TV, Apple TV and more device anytime!

Tutorial: How to Download Any Video from Any Site on PC

4kFinder Video Downloader for Mac & PC supports to download any video from any website. Here we take YouTube as example and show you how to use it to download YouTube videos on your PC.

Step 1. Copy & Paste YouTube Video URL
Launch 4kFinder program. Then go to YouTube or other website, copy the video URL you want to download.

copy youtube video link

Turn back to 4kFinder, paste video URL to the search bar, click “Analyze” to get the video source.

paste youtube video link

Step 2. Select Output Format
Next, it will pop up a window, here you can choose the output format, resolution or bitrate for your video. Meanwhile, multiple-task downloading allows you to select multiple formats at once!

select youtube format

Step 3. Start Downloading YouTube Video
Now click on the “Download” button to begin to download online videos from YouTube or other sites. During the process, you are able to add more video URLs to the program.

download youtube videos

Step 4. View Downloaded YouTube Videos
When the downloading process ends, you can tap the “Finished” tab to check the downloaded videos. Click “Open Folder” to locate the output file.

download youtube videos completed


When trying to download videos from the internet in Savefrom service, we may encounter some common issue that not working. For whatever reason, we recommend that you use alternative to download online videos, such as 4kFinder Video Downloader. With its help, users can download any HD, 4K or even 8K videos from YouTube and 1000+ websites to computer in MP4/WEBM/MOV, or MP3 audio formats with high quality. It can be said that 4kFinder Video Downloader is the best alternative to and also the best alternative to other video download tools.

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